The great thing about Internet access is the possibilities it offers for files sharing. Uploading, downloading and storing files are a perfect means to sharing information on the web. From movies to TV Shows and other media files, offers a one stop destination for all those looking for credibility, safety and fast services.

What is FileJoker? offers premium services for files sharing, storage and distribution. Since their servers are almost unlimited in size- running at several gigabytes of connection links- they provide one of the fastest file distribution services. Speed and storage are the cornerstone of and they assure high performance delivery every time.

Benefits of the FileJoker Premium Account

While the services of FileJoker are free up to 2 GB worth of upload and 2048 MB worth of download, the Premium Account Services promise greater benefits and a more enhanced experience. Some of the benefits that Premium Account holders experience are:

  • Subscribers of the premium account are entitled to downloading priorities that free users do not receive. In case of internet bandwidth being shared with other users, premium users are guaranteed faster downloads or uploads. The resultant is a more enhanced experience and considerable saving of time.
  • Those who have FileJoker Premium Accounts have the natural advantage of being able to download interrupted files. As opposed to those who might end up having to download files over a longer duration, FileJoker Premium account holders can easily download broken files with the downloading process starting immediately.
  • Since these users are Premium Account holders, they are offered the privilege of being able to download unlimited files. Furthermore, there is no need for the customary wait before the downloading process begins. Large number of files can be downloaded at the same time and saved forever.
  • While ordinary users can download only one file at a time, the Premium Account holders are able to download multiple files at the same time. in addition to that they are also able to resume interrupted file downloads without any difficulty.
  • In addition, Premium users can make use of download accelerators for faster downloads.
  • Downloading Priority
  • Download Interrupted Files
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Parallel Downloading

Monthly Fee in Order to Become A Premium Account Holder

filejoker premium price
The monthly fee in order to upgrade your files sharing experience is a minimal 9.95 Euro. The value is definitely higher than the one that ordinary users have to pay but the benefits of the FileJoker Premium Accounts are manifold. From uncapped speed to greater file size, the premium account holders have a much more enhanced and time-saving experience than the average user.

The file sharing software is indeed one that promises to deliver fast and high quality services. Since their goal is the improvement on user experiences and overall consumer benefits, the model of Premium Services is one that is highly beneficial. In a world where time and speed are of the essence, the Premium Account option is one that caters to both financial and time considerations. The monthly fee is ascertained keeping in mind the variety of client networks that the site caters to. All in all, the need to upgrade to the Premium Account is not only one of saving time, but also one that promises superior quality and faster services.

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